Cascade Brewery

Cascade Brewery is our 'Completed Project' because it highlights a complex undertaking involving a conversion to natural gas together with steam system upgrade.

  • Cascade Brewery - founded 1832 - Main Entrance

    Cascade Brewery is the oldest continually operating brewery in Australia and is located in South Hobart.

  • Steam Boiler 1

    This steam boiler, located in the main boiler house, was upgraded to incorporate the use of natural gas.

  • Steam Boiler 2

    This steam boiler was prepared for a planned conversion to Biogas operation.

  • Steam Distribution Header

    Ablaze Engineering supplied and installed this new steam header in the new boiler house.

  • Biogas

    Biogas installation under way.

  • Blow Down Vessel

    This was supplied and installed as part of the overall project.

  • External Building Works

    External pipeworks including new water, gas and associated services to the Biogas plant.

  • Control Panel

    Example of diagnostic display serviced and maintained by Ablaze Engineering as part of our ongoing collaboration with this well known client.