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A word from Winston Churchill:

"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."

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Mechanical Services

We install, maintain, replace and repair piping, ducting and equipment for heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings or vessels. Not only do we have all the proper certifications, but we also use our expert services to go that extra distance for our clients because we believe that we are ahead of the pack.

Our electrical services

Ablaze Engineering creates absence of downtime

Ablaze services and improves appliances and equipment with routine maintenance. A lack of quality maintenance can affect your equipment and impair its functionality. As you can see.

We cover

Any mechanical service works, sometimes called 'mech services'. Steel and structural fabrication. Ducting flueing. Welding; structural or pipework. Pressure welding.

Mechanical sequence

A simple process to have you up and running.

1. Call Ablaze today on 03 6269 2153

2. We source components & set appointment

3. Installation & Plant restart & Payment

Why choose us?

There is a person out there who is the hero of every owner of industrial property and that is the Technical Master. That is me.

Now that I have found Ablaze Engineering, it's finally my turn and technology has smiled upon me, giving my industrial plant a service provider who is destined to impress.

We are professionals

Experienced technicians, secure supply chain, enviable client list.

We are punctual

Our measurement of success is neither sales nor gross margin. Our measure of success is the prevention or minimisation of downtime at our client's plant. Nothing else really matters.

We are friendly

It is said that engineering is oriented towards things rather than people. At Ablaze it's all about relationship building - with our staff, our suppliers and our clients. We emphasize the prople side of things while being technically excellent.

We are creative

We are always looking at business improvement. That includes areas covered, engaging the finest component suppliers and ongoing upskilling of our technicians and support personnel.

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